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Alin Bugeac

Hello everyone,

I'm thrilled to host our first live webinar in the GCC about Amazon Business.

We'll have an open and detailed discussion about:
- Why is an Amazon Business a great opportunity for you now?
- Who am I and what results I have on my Amazon Busines?
- What expectations should you have, what budget you need to start off your Amazon Business and what are your real chances of success?
- What's your solution, as a person living in the GCC region, to be allowed to sell physical products in the US or Europe?
- How can you sell on the Amazon European Marketplace your physical products?
- How to find a profitable product and build a successful company?
- Where and how you found the best supplier?
- How can you list your product on Amazon and launch your new business in order to achieve success?
- How can I assist you in building your business on Amazon in just 3 months?
- LIVE Q&A - when I will answer all your questions

All this and much more on our first LIVE webinar on July 17, at 7.00 P.M. ( Bahrain time).

Limited Places!

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